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    I have a question about my Rogers Palm Treo 750 (Windows Mobile 6). When I got the phone, It used to have "Windows Live" in the programs section. However, I went to the Palm website, and downloaded the update 2.27RGE, and it totally wiped out my Windows Live program. Where can I download Windows Live for Treo 750? If not, then can I setup my Outlook on my Treo to work with Hotmail?

    Second question; I was on the Rogers website, and they refer often to accessing Windows Live mail through the "Windows mobile messaging service". What is this, and where do I get it from? I've searched high and low for this.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Check out this post by fastlerner. It should fix the problem.
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    If for some reason that link doesn't work, you can also get it from the "software picklist" link in my sig.

    Good luck.
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