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    Is there a way once you pair up with a phone with bluetooth with another phone i can send them things off my phone?
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    The short answer would be yes. I have a 700WX, but am not sure if the method I use would be the same for all PPC's
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    The short answer would be yes. I have a 700WX, but am not sure if the method I use would be the same for all PPC's
    Really? I've tried this several times with my 700wx and finally came to the conclusion it can't be done. Please, if you've managed to do it, tell me how. This is a very handy capability when it works.
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    after about an hour i mannaged to send a Tetris game to a friend of my daughters. Took forever to set up and I couldnt tell you how I did it other that when I paired with his phone, I went to the .cab i wanted to send him and held the pointer on the screen for the menu. Selected the option to send and it went after a conformation or something like that.

    Turns out that he had it already so a huge waste of time, because I cant remember how I did it.

    The biggest issue I had was pairing the phones.

    So like the night I did the above, im not much help. Although it can be done.

    Im sure a half hour searching will turn up a step by step somewhere. I have learned alot over the years reading fourms. Great people and great help.... Except for me. Im ok on the people side but not much help.

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    to send a file via bluetooth, turn bluetooth on, pair with the device (not sure that this is necessary), once paired with the device, to go the file, tap and hold, select beam file, allow the phone to search for people, once it finds the person you want to send it to, tap their name. voila.
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    I used to work at Motorola and when people tried to pair with other phones, we were told it was carrier dependant. I've been able to send files etc to a whole bunch of phones with my 700wx, but if I send to my pc that has bluetooth enabled, it doesn't work. Yet, if I used activesync, it works. One of those frustrating things I guess. It should work though, but you might want to check with your carrier to see if they support obex

    Hope that helps

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