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    Does it exist?
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    Yes i am running the beta. New one came out today.
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    Any way for others not invited to try it? I am not in USA
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    I'm not impressed with the browser at all, especially on a 2 inch screen. On a device like a Mogul or Touch with a huge screen real estate it is more manageable.
    It always seems to lose the connection if my backlight goes off, and i have to "exit" and launch the app again.
    I went right back to Opera Mini.
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    I love it! I just got my invitation today. Its almost like safari for the iphone but its better because it plays youtube directly.
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    Also most importantly its stable unlike opera 8, netfront & etc. The only other stable browser is opera mini.
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    I just got it yesterday. Awesome. It works great on my 700wx and does exactly what I was hoping for. Youtube vids load super fast. No buffering whatsoever, the problem is that the vids are not gonna look as great as with zbop's solution or even vtap, but for me, fast loading is actually better.
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    I just got it too, but I think it starts tooooooo slow... and I'd like to have my own start page. Youtube does work and so do animated radar gifs. I just wish it would start quicker.
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    The browser is such a waste. So slow. Takes a few seconds to catch up when scrolling. It is very tedeous. Even on the Mogul and Motorola Q9C it has the same issues. Now I know why its taking so long for release. They have a long way to go.
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    It's very slow. I am totally not impressed. Some items that are links aren't recognized by skyfire. Sites that require a user/password often don't work either.

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