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    I work for a company that is Blackberry centric. They support the 700wx with Intellisync, but that product nailed my 700wx so bad that it became unusable and I had to remove it. With Intellisync installed, the phone slowed to a crawl for every operation, and some emails weren't coming in for days, much less real-time.

    Someone at our company with a Motorola Q and T-Mobile is using Blackberry Connect on their WM5.

    I have been doing searches all over and the threads on this topic are all around 2 years old. So I am hoping someone has an update on these questions:

    1) Will BBC work with Sprint and the 700wx?
    2) If so, where do I get the software?
    3) Do I need to do anything with Sprint to get this to work?
    4) Is BBC reliable and not a battery, CPU and memory hog unlike Intellisync?

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    Ugh, no one uses BBC on the 700wx?

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