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    A little while ago I asked in here about some task management software that you can add sub categories to, well I have managed to find one. I have not had a really good test of it yet, but some of you guy may be interested in it. I also found a really cool application called Inigma. It allows you to download and install applications straight to your PPC by using barcodes, you basically take a photo of the barcode on your pc monitor using the Inigma software, and it opens your web browser and downloads the software, personally I thought this was quite a good bit of software. I have posted the links below.

    Heavenly task manager

    I-Nigma barcode downloader

    Theres also some pretty useful software downloads on the website, and they're all free as well.......................BONUS!!!

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    Thanks for the heads-up, dazdidge.

    From the screenshots, the task manager appears to be more of a folder-tree style list manager. Looks pretty slick. Can be used for anything from sub-lists of project tasks to grocery lists, all neatly organized by folder/category. I'll be taking that one for a test drive shortly.

    As for the barcode downloader, it appears to translate an on screen barcode into a web link for your PPC to follow. They also provide the means to make your own barcode/links to post on your web page or blog.

    So you can be browsing a site on your PC, see a barcode, snap a quick pick with your PPC, and whammo: you're connected to some related online content or software from your phone's browser.

    While an interesting concept, I can honestly say I've never seen a site with one of these codes. Sounds like they're in a Catch-22. In order to get websites to start posting codes, they're going to need a community of PPC users to adopt it. But for folks to adopt it readily, it needs to be in use on some well traveled sites.
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