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    Hi all,
    is it possible to change the default IE Home page that s come with the treo500v? in fact ,if I open IE it goes by default on I d like to change it.
    If I open Address bar on the window list just after opening IE ,it shows me "about:home" in the box field and just below this: "". I have entered a different link in the box field , clicked Go, it opens to the chosen right page but as soon as I reopen IE or click on Home then it keeps on sending me on ITS default page...any modification I can do or something am I missing?

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    have the reply to is simply NOT possible to change/mopdify the initial default page of Internet Explorer.. that s it
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    Are you sure? If not possible through the usual settings/options route, I thought there was atleast a registry tweak that sorted it. Im sure there was an option somewhere, but I have used so many different phones I could be mistaken. I feel a bit like we have let you down. I tell ya what, I'll go have a little hunt for you and post a reply in a bit.
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    Ok the hardest part was finding a good registry editor, which I did. Yaye!
    Total Commander can edit the registry, under \\Plugins.
    You then need to navigate to;
    HKLM\software\microsoft\Internet Explorer\About URLS
    Now you may have to look at a few home_**** entries before you find the one that contains your current default homepage. Then simply change the value to whatever homepage you like. Make sure to switch your phone off and on again to apply the settings.
    This was done on the vodafone 500v so your mileage may vary.
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    It is funny anyhow that little things can make your DAY!!!!!!
    thanx a lot. I did it!!! thanx very much!

    BTW the answer I posted, it had been given me by palm intnl support.

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