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    I tried Resco Audio Recorder but it wants me to put my phone on speakerphone to record the voice of other party, which is highly useless since I dont want other ppl to hear on speakerphone what I am talking about... and without it, the application doesnt record anything of the other person's voice. Is there any other software available that could do the job of recording the phone conversation of both sides???
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    All recording is done from the mic, which works fine for recording your half of the conversation.

    The problem is the way the sound driver is set up. I don't believe it is robust enough to allow recording of the speaker output directly from the driver, so the the only recording input available is your mic. This means that to record the other half of the conversation, the speaker output has to be loud enough for the mic to pick up.

    This is not a limitation of your software, it's a limitation of the sound device driver.

    We can only hope that MS recognizes this limitation, as well as people's desire to record from the driver, and adds driver capability to some future release. Personally, I'd love to have some simple mixer controls for input and output like the standard PC-based windows driver provides.
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