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    I just downloaded and installed Sling Media v1.6 on my Mogul.

    So far so good. I must say that it looks like full screen mode appears to work well.

    Thank you Sling. Much appreciated. Go to to download it yourself. You can download the software directly from your phone.
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    I have noticed a decrease in performance on my UTStarcom Apache (PPC-6700).

    To verify I reinstalled version 1.5 and the performance increased. The frame rate on version 1.6 is almost half what it was in version 1.5. I tested using the fully automatic settings, manually defined (Bitrate, resolution, audio, etc), NEW GDI render on and off. Nothing helped with version 1.6.

    To me it looks like Sling enabled more post processing by default. (Deblocking, etc.)

    Do some testing before you dump the .cab installer for version 1.5. You may want to downgrade.

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