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    hi guys. i'm a new treo 750 user. had it for a month or so - so i'm not too familiar with everything yet.

    i had a bunch of info on my treo and it was synced with my old comp. recently i had to reformat the drive - anyway to get to the point when i synced my treo
    with the computer i was HOPING for all the info to transfer from the treo to the computer - what ended up happening is that it sync'd my computer with the treo and deleted all the info....

    anyway... i don't want this to happen again

    i just got a new computer and was wondering what i should look out for in the settings so that my treo info gets updated to my new pc
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    Hmm... Interesting.

    There are "conflict resolution" settings, but those only control which side overwrites when the record has been changed on both sides. In your case, it's syncing a blank contact list.

    Give this a try. Before you sync, run a backup. Then perform your first sync to establish the sync relationship.

    While connected, open ActiveSync and go to Tools/Options and set the conflict settings so that the Treo wins out over Outlook.

    At this point, you may already have blanked your address book. If so, disconnect your Treo and reload your backup. Now that you already have a relationship established, hopefully on your next sync it will see the record change on the device and overwrite Outlook.

    Once you get it all straight, you may want to consider exporting your Outlook address book to a .pst and keeping a copy on a thumbdrive or rewritable CD for events like this.
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    yikes. thats what i'm hoping not to happen because i have no programs to make a backup of my treo files

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