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    I need some help! I'm trying to find a way to connect my Treo 750 (WM6 ROM v2.27) with my Laptop's ICS Wi-Fi. So far, I found tons of info on how to tether the phone for the Laptop to use the 3G connectionů Not the other way around. Since I'm using T-mobile the average speed on the Treo is about 100K. I figure that if I use my Laptop's Wi-fi (or any other Bluetooth PC) I can get a much faster connection to my Treo.

    My setup is the following:
    1. Treo 750 (unlocked) with ROM WM6 v 2.27 on T-Mobile Network
    2. HP Tablet 2710 Vista Business 802.11 AG with Bluetooth

    The closest I have been able to accomplish is the following:
    3. Create a new "Modem" under the Connections Tab
    4. I can select Bluetooth as the Modem
    5. I can select my Laptop as the Bluetooth Device
    6. It then ask me for a "Phone Number to dial" . This option cannot be empty, so I enter *
    7. It then ask for User Name Password.. Etc.
    8. When I click connect it goes on an endless loop attempting to use my Laptop Modem to dial the * I set on the previous screen.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Just curious... If you have your laptop powered up and handy, why would you want to websurf using Pocket IE on a 240x240 screen?
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    For many years I have used iPaq's PDA's until recently with the hw6945. They all had Wi-fi and I grew a habit of reading my news and email from bed.
    The PAN will be done with my desktop as well.. which I can not take to bed

    Also, I drive quite a bit and I used to have my PDA connect to Internet via Wi-fi using Mobile Router. The 3G connection gets interrupted while talking on the phone.

    Is this so rare to do?
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    I've never tried to set up the BT PAN going the other way, so I'm afraid I won't be much help there.

    However, 3G connections should not be interrupted by voice calls. While that was the norm under the EDGE and older data protocols, simultaneous voice and data is something that 3G does quite well.
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