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    Does anyone have a sense of when the 800w is supposed to come out for GSM? I've gotten tired of waiting for new Palm OS, and with now having the unlocked 750 for $259 (by the way, does anyone know if this is an AT&T ROM unlocked, or unbranded?) am tempted to cross over to the dark side to have 3G and access to my corp email. Does anyone have a sense of when the 800w or the HP 910 are likely to be out?
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    Buy the 750 now and don't look back. New devices and OS upgrades are always introduced each year.
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    Yeah, I know, but I've been holding out and hoping to avoid the jump to WM, but the wait for any advancement of the POS is really getting to me. I'm on an old AT&T Wireless plan, so unlocked phones are the way to go for me, but knowing what is in the pipeline between Palm and HP, and presumably HTC it is tempting to wait just a little bit longer.
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    I was in the same boat 4 months ago...bought the 750 and never looked back! It is great and i am very glad i didn't wait! (PalmOS user that is now well and truely converted!)
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    What I've read of the 800w makes me glad I have a 750. Higher number does not always mean better (case in point: 755).
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    800w is a CDMA device anyway (Sprint and Verizon only). GSM is the way to go, both for international travel as well as great 3G speeds.

    And Stoobie, I've got a copy of the Unbranded WM6 ROM that will load on any 750. You can have 3G without AT&T's garbage apps.
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