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    I have a method to dial a number to turn on and turn off calls forwarded from my land line to my cell phone (Treo 750).

    I have already created two contact list entries called Call Forwarding On and Call Forwarding Off, that I can use to call AT&Ts remote forwarding service and automatically dial the appropriate keys for the voice prompts. AT&T is my residential service provider, also. I use the ","'s for the pauses in the appropriate places in the dialing sequences. Quick and simple.

    I would like to now take this to the next step and somehow have these numbers be dialed on a schedule so that I do not have to remember to forward/unforward my land line calls to my cell phone when I am out for regular, recurring work stuff.

    I have seen certain residential services (eg, Qwest) via Google that offer scheduled call forwarding service, but AT&T has apparently not wised up yet and offered this , and I am not sure whether I could switch my residential to something else that would provide this. (maybe internet phone service???)

    So... this is my attempted work-around for now... I want to see if I can get my Treo to "do the remembering for me" regarding activating and deactivating the land line call forwarding via dialing the appropriate remote access numbers.

    Does anyone know if a contact or number can be automatically dialed on a schedule? How to do this? Is there a 3rd party app that will allow me to do this on my ever capable Treo 750?

    I greatly appreciate any and all feedback.
    I have learned so much from everyone on this site.


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    If you're set on having the Treo do all the work, you can probably pull it off with MortScript. You'd have to build a script that used the "sendkey" functions to navigate around the device just like you were doing the dialing, then schedule the script to run.

    A much easier way would be to switch to Vonage. The have Advanced Call Forwarding with SimulRing. It let's you set up to 5 additional phone numbers and when you get a call, it rings all of them simultaneously. Whichever answers first gets the call. If no answer in a specified time, it goes to Vmail.
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    fastlerner, thanks for your response. I have not played with MortScript yet, so I will look into that.

    I have Time-Warner cable Internet... I have been told that DSL is not available where I am... I get occasional internet outages with T-W. How well does Vonage handle that sort of thing? This is why I have been reluctant to go to something like Vonage or equivalent.

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    (Not pimping, just sharing my experience.)

    I used Vonage for a couple of years and loved it. You can set up a fallback number in case of any internet outage. I plugged in my wife's cell number, so if our internet service was interrupted for any reason, the calls automatically forwarded to the cell. (Of course, if you use simulring, that's happening anyway.)

    So for $25 a month, I got unlimited long distance and just about every feature the regular phone company charges extra for including some they don't or can't offer.

    They also offer a soft phone that you could load on a laptop. It acts like a virtual phone so you can still get your home phone calls in the hotel if you travel. (costs a little extra) I think they even came out with a thumb drive version.

    In 2 years time I had maybe a half dozen calls with poor quality. The rest exceeded standard phone audio quality.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a standard modem/fax connection to work. (I suspect I had a hair too much latency.) This was a killer for me because my home security system had issues alerting folks.

    After moving back to standard copper service and watching my phone bill almost triple, I'm seriously considering upgrading my security to wireless and going back to Vonage.

    Oh yeah, their web interface lets you see every call in and out as well as manage all your features and forwarding from anywhere (including listen to voice messages, etc...)

    Hmmm, for not pimping, I sure sounded an awful lot like an ad.
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    Oh yeah, as for DSL not being available...

    I was told that for 5 years. I finally asked a local technician and he said it would be no problem, so long as they were not already at capacity on the local POP.

    The website still listed it as unavailable for me. It took a couple of phone calls and I finally got it hooked up. If you know anyone near you, ask them if they've been able to get it.
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