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    I just purchased an unlocked Treo 750 off eBay. I use t-mobile with their blackberry plan (unlimited email, data and texting).

    Since T-Mobile uses Edge, and at best, is slow, can one setup their home data wireless network for use on the Treo 750?

    At home I have a linksys wireless router. Can I somehow add that connection to the Treo 750 so that when I am in the area where the home wireless signal is present, that it will download e-mails and browsing the web will use the home data wireless network rather than t-mobile's?

    Any relevant Treo 750 phone with T-Mobile service threads you can direct me to?

    Also, I am switching from a BlackBerry Pearl so i'm not sure what advantages the Treo 750 will offer me vs the BB Pearl.
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    What you'd want is a WiFi card for the 750, such as the Spectec SDW-822 or 825 (825 is wireless g, but is more expensive. 822 is wireless b - fast enough, really.)

    The 750 does not require a corporate server the way the Blackberries (I think) do. The 750 uses Windows Mobile 6.0 for which lots of applications are available.

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