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    I'm a long time Palm user who recently switched to WM6 with a Treo 750. I've got a few questions. If the answers to these questions are registry hacks or 3rd party software that's fine. I have searched some for answers but haven't found much related to these specific issues.

    1. Is it possible to have whatever application was active when the Treo powered off still be active when I power it back on?
    2. Is it possible to snooze my alarms a custom amount of time, say 3 hours or 1 week? Right now it just pops up a pick list of available snooze times.
    3. Is it possible to specify the time of day that alarms on all-day events will go off? Right now they go off at midnight which my wife doesn't appreciate!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    1) The app is still active, just pushed to the background. Hold down the "OK" button and a task manager will pop up. Select the task and click "Activate" to bring it back up. Or, you can open the same program a second time. If it's already running, it will bring it to the front.

    2) Not sure.

    3) If you want some heads up the day before, then set the reminder time for several hours. If you want it the day of the event, then change it to a regular appt with a start and stop time. You can still mark that time as "free" if you need to.
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