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    We're going to be traveling to Europe and sightseeing in several cities notorious for pickpockets. I'd like to have my 750 handy in my pocket where I can get to it. I thought the easiest thing to keep it secure would just be to tie a lanyard to it and connect the other end to my belt loop.

    Low and behold I realized that, unlike my wife's Centro, THERE'S NO PLACE TO CONNECT A LANYARD TO A 750!!!

    I usually just keep my phone in a thin slip case in my front pant pocket, so I'd like not to have to put it into a bulky case. Anyone have any suggestions? Please keep them useful if possible

    Thanks in advance!
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    I keep my Treo in a shirt pocket. Something grippy like eGrips on the case would make it hard to remove without your noticing.

    My solution when worried about pickpockets is to wear "traveler" pants with a zip pocket.
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    Having just returned from Europe and using my Centro a lot, I say just put it in your front pants pocket. the 750 is large enough that there is no way someone could grab it from there without you knowing.
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    Thanks for the thoughts/ideas holmes4 and MarkY.

    I know I'm probably overthinking this and maybe worrying about nothing. I also carry my phone in my front pocket so it's probably OK, it's just that I've been getting less observant and more absent minded as I've gotten older

    I kinda like the idea of the eGrips making it so my 750 won't slide easily out of my pocket. Are they adhesively applied to the Treo? If so, can you take them off later without leaving any residue?

    When I first started thinking about this, I had in mind a thin, skin case with a D-ring that I could attach a lanyard to. Do you know if anyone makes one like that?
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    Yes, eGrips apply with adhesive. Whether there is residue depends on how long you've had them on, but any residue comes off with alcohol. I like eGrips because they lessen the chance of the phone falling out of my shirt pocket (or slipping from my hands.)

    Right now, I am using InvisibleShield instead of eGrips. It is not as "grippy" as eGrips but is pretty much invisible once applied and covers more of the phone. I'd say it's not quite "grippy" enough as an anti-theft measure.
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    I see two ways to protect it.

    01. Place a large sticker on it that says WM5.


    02. Use a snug fitting belt pouch.

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    Belt pouches will mark you as a tourist. That and carrying your camera around your neck.
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