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    I'm having a problem getting ActiveSync/WCESMgr to start. Installed version 4.5 and it had been working, but today it stopped. Double clicking on the "Microsoft Activesync" icon produces nothing. Other Activesync programs (like RapiMgr) start up and are operating processes in Windows Task Manager. In fact, WCESMgr briefly enters into the processes list, but only for a second before leaving. Tried moving down to Version 4.2 without success and several reinstalls and repairs of 4.5 have also proven fruitless.
    Operating System-XP SP2
    Computer-Thinkpad R61i

    Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be APPRECIATED!
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    Did you reboot?
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    Same problem here. Same computer, too. Activesync installs and works great. After reboot, the icon disappears and won't load. I have installed 4.2 and 4.5 with the same results. Very frustrating.
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    I'm having the same exact problem. Has anyone found a solution???

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