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    Got this info from XDA:

    This is my YouTube search/player application. Bit like the latest CorePlayer.

    It allows you to search for videos in a nice friendly Windows Mobile app and then plays the full FLV video (not miniscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player.

    The app is written in a mixture of .net and C so you need the .net runtime, v2.

    The video player overlay is hacked out of TCPMP and the FLV part is based on FFMPEG.

    Latest version will alway be attached here.

    youtubeplay last updated 16/4/08, changes:

    New black look
    Removed buttons, added toolbar
    VGA portrait support (only testing in emulator)
    Click on video for fullscreen
    Backlight keepalive

    Things planned: Support for all YouTube feeds, logons. Saving/loading FLV to/from file

    Things not planned: Other video sites

    Known issues: Sometime crashes downloading thumbnails (rarely), landscape mode not right

    Everybody should note that this application will eat bandwidth, no consideration has been made for data consumed, so Wifi/ActiveSync or unlimited 3g only, be prepared for a big data bill otherwise. Won't work well on GPRS anyway as FLV vids are quite sizeable.
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    So this will work on our square screens? (I assume so because of it being posted here) I am on page 3, but a lot of times it isn't mentioned!! Thanks
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    I understand it does not work too well on square screens yet, with some controls being obscured. Its still alpha software in many ways. Its pretty good though, and simple to use.

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    oh yes! I love the tool that was made by a certain someone before... However, it just errors out too much. It's great if you wanna take a chance on more video sites, but I really just want youtube. Thanks for posting!

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