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    Hello all.

    Out of the blue this morning i ran into this issue. My 700WX Verizon was displaying my shorcuts to programs located on my mem. card as plain ole icons. So I pressed a few and nothing would open from the card program wise. Music and photos would open and I can browse the card but my shortcuts dont work.

    So i checked the card info and found that for some reason it has been renamed Memory Card 2. Thing is that its the exact same card, nothing has changed. Since its been renamed my associations are messed up. Also i cant even browse to the .exe and start some of them. Mostly the games wont open. Core player will open but thats about it.

    Any thoughts or ideas how this happned and maybe how to repair it? Can I make a reg edit to tell the system that the card is just the memory card. I really dont want to install everything agian.

    Thanks in advance. Love the forum. Also searched it for a while and couldnt find what I am looking for.

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    ok, found a fix for this. FYI below. I guess i should have done a Google first, but maybe this will help someone down the road.

    1. Remove Storage Card
    2. Delete the fake "Storage Card" folder (assuming you didn't run PIE/Messaging and they are set to store info on storage card)
    3. Reinsert Storage Card
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    Yeah, on rare occassions, a Storage Card 2 gets created. What you did was the typical way to correct it.

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