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    I reactivated my phone but did not get a data package for my plan as of yet due to financial reasons. Out here in Canada it's very expensive to have a data plan on top of your current plan. Anyhow, I noticed that my phone connected itself to the net for 23 minutes when my phone was in its case hanging on my pants pockets. I was wondering if there is a way to disable the connection totally so that I will not have this problem again? I just don't want to have a heart attack when I receive the bill from my carrier lol
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    you should be able to call your cell phone provider and they can block it from there end.
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    or, go to the connections and make sure there is no connection there, or at least remove any password and require it to ask for a password to connect. It's unlikely you'll accidentally turn it on and enter the pw
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    I changed mine to use a dialup modem instead.. no problems since then - datas way too expensive here too

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