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    I use PushEffect, which retrieves my email whenever I get new POP mail, therefore, POUTLOOK is not configured to retrieve messages at intervals. Strangely, I am still receiving new mail from Yahoo, which I have configured as IMAP. I use the regular FREE Yahoo (not Yahoo Plus), so I am not allowed to forward messages, which is the only way it would be retrieved via PushEffect. I'm just curious what is triggering my device to retrieve Yahoo message via IMAP. Anyone have any ideas?
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    how did you configure Yahoo to IMAP without Yahoo plus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    how did you configure Yahoo to IMAP without Yahoo plus?
    Treo did it for me. I just entered my yahoo email address then later selected IMAP. It automatically put the IMAP correct info.

    User name: {yahoo login ID}
    Incoming Mail:
    SMTP Mail:
    Outgoing Mail requires authentication: Enabled
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    I used the Yahoo IMAP for a while and gave it up. It would work for a while and then say not available. It may work 2 days and then not work for a solid day. When it works, it has imap and push.

    I switched to a 1&1 exchange server for reliability.
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    It's stopped again, today... like, right now...
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    Yeah, it is off & on. Fortunately for me, it's a general email account I use for most subscriptions. Not a private/personal one.

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