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    Hi to all!
    i've a problem with my treo 500v, i've installed route66 with e GPS bluetooth receiver, it's works fine but when i have to choose my destination, the keyboard doesn't work good.
    When i press the whites keys (with the numbers) in the textbox it write NUMBERS, not letter!
    i've installed vito copy paste but i doesn't works with Route 66.
    Exists a method to switch from 123 keyboard to abc keyboard?


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    Yeah this is an easy one to fix. Bit of a pain but every time it starts printing numbers instead of letters, just hit the 'Alt' button. This should bring up the symbols screen, just exit out of it. Then press the key again and this time it should give you the letter instead of a number. This pops up now and then in a few apps but most often in route66. Hope this helps.
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    Yeah it works!!

    thanks a lot


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