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    hi, im new to the world of the smart phone. i am trying to get a custom ringtone and ive tried to record it but it dont sound very good at all. iw as wondering if you could tell me the best was to do it and how to change a background picture if it's possible, and also i can't get on line to get a ring tone b/c i had the internet features turned off. is it possible to up load a ring tone from a sd card? if so can you tell me how. thanks jeremiah
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    Hi Jeremiah. Welcome to Treocentral.

    The easiest way is to transfer an MP3 to your phone. If you have a PC with XP or earlier, you'll need to load ActiveSync 4.5 from Microsoft. If you have Vista, then you'll need WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center). Either of those will let you sync your phone with Outlook as well as copy files back and forth.

    If file size is a concern, grab a sound editor and chop it down to what you want and save it at a lower bitrate.

    When you put it on your phone, drop it in the MyRingtones folder and it will show up in your list of tones to choose from.

    As you mentioned, you can also use an SD card to copy the file.

    Oh yeah, the Treo is not a "smart phone", it's a Pocket PC (PPC). Smartphones are phones that have added PDA functionality and typically do not have a touch screen. PPC's are pocket sized computers that in the past few years have added cell phone functionality and normally all have touch screens.

    Just something to keep in mind as you search for software. Software for "smartphones" is normally not compatible with PPCs and vice versa.

    Since you're a new user, I would also recommend skimming through the 750 manual. It will familiarize you with the basics and probably answer a lot of questions you haven't even thought to ask yet.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for your help, ive got through most of the user manual...
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    how do you save the mp3 on to the card so you can make it a ring tone on the phone?
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    I assume you're talking about transferring the file to the phone via SD card.

    You'll need a card reader to connect the card to your PC. Copy the file you want onto the card. Slot the card in your phone. Open FileExplorer on your phone and navigate to the card.

    To copy or cut, hold down the stylus on the file and a pop-up menu will come up with a copy option.

    Navigate to "\My Documents\My Ringtones" on your phone and choose Menu>Edit>Paste to drop a copy in that folder.

    To set it as your ringtone, go to Start>Settings>Sounds&Notifications and click on the notifications tab at the bottom. Then just pick the events such as "Phone: Known Caller" and "Phone: Unknown Caller".

    You can also set inidividual rings by editing the contact and setting the ringtone field.

    I believe that when you hold down the stylus on a MP3 file, there is also an option to "set as ringtone" that should automatically put a copy in your ringtones folder and set it as the default ring.

    FYI: Holding down with the stylus (or center navigation button) is the mobile equivalent of a right mouse click and is usefull in many different places.
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    where its the filesexplor? i no ive got the songs on the card b/c when i pull up the pocket tunes they are there....
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    Uh... Isn't PocketTunes for Palm OS?

    The Treo750 is a Windows Mobile device and uses Windows Media Player.

    Assuming that you are in the right forum and using a 750, file explorer is found under Start>Programs>FileExplorer.
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    o im totally ive got a 755....i feel like an *****....can you help me with it?
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    Sorry. I have little to no experience there.

    You probably want to try posting in the 755 forum.
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