I've got a Moto Q9h - WM Smartphone 6 - and Outlook 2003. I have "ALL DAY EVENTS" about twice a week scheduled through the rest of the year, which clearly show up without any problem in Outlook 2003 on the PC.

For some reason, those ALL DAY EVENTS are not being sent to the Q9h when I ActiveSync. (On the Q9h, I go to the date that an ALL DAY EVENT appears on the PC, and there is nothing there.) I've tried deleting the mobile device in ActiveSync and re-establishing it, but the calendar still doesn't sync most ALL DAY EVENTS. (Interestingly, there are a few that I originally entered on the phone and not on the PC which DO seem to sync.)

I've tried going into the ALL DAY EVENT on the PC and making a change - then saving and closing. Still no sync... (ActiveSync works - it just doesn't send the ALL DAY EVENT to the phone.) I've also tried a SCANPST - doesn't fix the problem.

Remember - this is a Smartphone - not a PPC.

Thanks for any help you can offer...