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    I just got a new job and my employer uses ATT I got a tilt....the thought of a treo750 made me cringe. One thing that I find I am REALLY missing the the functionality of the Green (send) phone button. I really liked the way palm had it configured to bring up a menu rather than go straight to the WM dialpad.

    Does anyone know how to configure another WM device to behave in a similar fashion? I suspect that I may need to do some registry tweaking or something along those lines.

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    I dont know what the green send key did, but this is actually one thing which you will be able to adjust without any registry editing at all.

    So basically all you need is to create these link files and put them in to windows folder. You can assign these keys to any shortcut you want.

    Long_PTT.lnk (push to talk button+long press)
    Long_End.lnk (the read key+long press)
    Long_Send.lnk (the green key+long press)
    Short_PTT.lnk (push to talk button)
    Long_Power.lnk (Power button +long press)
    Short_Power.lnl (Power button)

    So basically you can set it to launch any app from a long press on the above buttons, merely by copying and then renaming the link to the app to the right name and copying it to the \windows directory.

    Two suggestions for apps you may use would be HTC End Key and HTC Action Menu.


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