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    Anyone know if Kipp Mobile Software creators of Kipp Mobile Profile Manager currently have a working web site? I can't find one.

    Anyone have any views on the usefulness of "Kipp Mobile Profile Manager"?

    I miss the ability to be able change the volume and sound or vibrate of my phones ring tones etc according to whether I'm indoors, outside, in a meeting, in a theatre etc. This looks like it might do what I want but I'd like to read a good long description of it before I try it.

    Brian G [in the UK] [Treo 750 with WM6 TREO750-2.27-RWE]
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    the author (as listed by is listed as so i found this page and you may read about Mr Brian Kipp. ask him if hes got a website to support his software.

    i forgot to mention that you can get the software here. i looked for other items from this author but it found none
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