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    Whch is the better back-up for our Treo 750: SPB, Sprite or Resco?
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    I have used SPB and Sprite but I decided to go with SPB and it worked well for me. The only complaint is that I had to pay to upgrade so I can use it with the WM6 Professional. I would also recommend the Memory Maid to manage your memory including the SD card, plus a lot more features (dead registry, dead shortcuts, unused files). There is a thread with must have applications for TREO 750.
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    I have used all 3 and would have to say, Sprite Backup because its the only one that does the backup process in safe mode thus less errors.
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    I have used SPB and Sprite and prefer Sprite - I just found it less irritating and more "set and forget" than SPB.

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