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    I have a Treo 750 running WM6 and I just did a very stupid thing.

    Installed ActiveSync, hooked up the USB cable, and was going to dump some files on the SD card. Right as I hooked it up I got a phone call and completely forgot about the phone... during the call the Treo beeps to let me know the internal memory card is full. What the ****?

    Turns out it was syncing my entire global outlook contact list - over 40,000 contacts and filled up the memory.

    Of these 10k or so numbers I seem to have now I only need a hundred of 'em... and unfortunately starting fresh isn't an option, as about half of them I doubt I'd be able to get back.

    Does anyone know of a way to delete all contacts throughout a date range?
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    I'm not quite clear, why isn't starting fresh an option? All of the addresses should still be in your Outlook, so why couldn't you wipe the device to start over?

    What I would suggest is to copy your contacts to a .pst file, then trim down your main contacts list to only what you want to sync. Wipe the device and then sync and you should be good to go. Your global set of contacts will still be available from your PC as well.
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