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    Hey all - I'm a recent dad and have my son as my background image on my phone. Being the proud papa that I am, I like to show his picture to people. The problem is that all the plug ins on my today screen are on top of his picture (i.e., my whole calendar agenda, number of unread emails, etc). Is there a quick way to shut off all the plug-ins - like a hot key or a program that can do this?

    I know I can always launch the camer app and go to the pictures there, but the camera app is slow to start up, takes time to browse to the picture in the thumbnails, etc. Just looking for a quick way to show the picture on the today screen unobstructed.


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    Well, how about using S2U2?

    You could then use his picture as the wallpaper for S2Us - it will show every time you "power on" the device.

    In fact, as I am a new Grandpa, this is a great idea! I think I will change my S2U2 wallpaper to be my newborn grandson's picture.
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    westronic....I was thinking the EXACT same thing while reading the post!!! I think that would be the easiest way.

    One other way is sizing the picture to fit in a tab under MobileShell, or maybe UltimateLauncher and place it in the 'Pic' Today Plug-in. You can hit the tab and have most of the screen just the pic, nothing over it.

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