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    Some of you have already checked out Dashwire's free service, but if you haven't seen it yet, we recently opened up access to all Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 users and announced some pretty cool new features:

    * Single click media sharing to social networking sites (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Bebo)
    * Instant status updates (Facebook, Twitter)
    * Threaded SMS online (coming soon)
    * Automatic phone-to-phone transfer (contacts, phone settings)

    If you don't know what Dashwire does yet (forgive the spam-like, marketing description):

    With Dashwires FREE service, your phone content - contacts, text messages, calls, photos, videos, and phone settings - automatically uploads and is safely backed-up on your web-based Dashwire account. Your phone is constantly connected to the web, where Dashwire makes it easy to search, interact with, and share the memories captured on your phone with friends and your favorite sites.

    * Full contact sync between your phone and the web
    * Read, reply, and create new text messages from your computer
    * Instantly upload photos and videos from your phone to the web where you can view, edit, organize into albums, and share with friends
    * Single click photo upload to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Bebo
    * Update your status on Facebook and Twitter
    * Visual voicemail on your computer screen
    * Set internet favorites, ringtones, and speed dials - from your computer
    * Automatically transfer contacts and settings from your old phone to your new one

    No servers, cables, or effort required. Easy.
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    This might be exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone tried it?
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    Dashwire is a great idea.

    My thoughts are:
    - Online website is a little flakey and prone to lagups or lockups, not good for a web based program.
    - Lets talk about battery drain, if you thought wifi, bluetooth and gps suck battery, lets talk dashwire.
    - Having said that I very much lick the interface and I am hoping that they are very successful.

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    Appreciate the feedback and the positive support. Wanted to respond to your feedback (which is legit):

    - If the web site is lagging on you, try accessing the site using Firefox
    - The initial upload hits your battery hardest. Daily battery drain is a function of usage (i.e. 10 photos will drain more than 2). Daily battery drain without activity is very similar to Exchange sync

    Both are issues that we're working hard on. Keep the feedback coming. We've only been open for about a month now, and still have a ton of stuff we need to do to improve our service.
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    I have recently upgraded to the iMate 8502 from the Treo 750. Dashwire is working better on the iMate as it is a more robust device.

    Keep up the good work I am very excited to see how this developes.

    Thank you.
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    Good to hear. Keep us honest on this. You eat enough Cap'n Crunch and popcorn for dinner, and sometimes you miss things.
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    My wife is using Dashwire with her Treo 700wx on Sprint. She is not able to send text messages through the Dashwire web interface. She has very few 3rd. party apps installed (Live Search and pmClean).

    Is there something she should try?
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    What carrier do you use? I've heard that sprint has had issues with sms but It's usually been related to texts being a bunch of garbled nonsense
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    Quote Originally Posted by davinwv View Post
    My wife is using Dashwire with her Treo 700wx on Sprint. She is not able to send text messages through the Dashwire web interface. She has very few 3rd. party apps installed (Live Search and pmClean). Is there something she should try?
    Dashwire struggles on the Treo 700w as a result of some of the memory management features on the phone. Because the 700w has limited memory, the phone automatically closes apps in the background that haven't been opened for a period of time. Since the Dashwire mobile client needs to be running in the background for texts to send from the web, several Treo users have reported that SMS doesn't work when in fact the app was simply shut down by the phone.
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    Sounds like there are some bugs with treos, judging by the dashwire posts I have seen on here. Too bad, cause Dashwire really rocks.

    I have been using it on my MotoQ for a few months now, and it has worked really well. I'm definitely impressed by the things it can get my phone to do!
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    Hmmmm my friend uses a treo and it works fine! So don't give up hope!
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    I, too, am using Dashwire with a Treo, but mine's a 700WX. I've had no problems at all. This may be due to the fact that the WX has 128 MB of memory, where the W has only 64MB
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    Thanks for the positive feeback. We have a bunch of 700W and 700 WX users. The 700WX more or less works better with our solution, but the W crowd need not fear. For most users it works just fine.
    Dashwire Free Mobile Phone Backup, Contact Sync, Web Text Messaging, Photo & Video Uploads, and Connection to your Social Networks

    Are you using the latest version of the Dashwire Mobile client (

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