Guys ( and girls ) please help

Im new to treo and i dont have a clue what im doing, im pretty good with tomtom so if you have any issues then perhaps i can help.

Ok the thing is i swapped a tomtom recently for the treo 750, i am absolutley over the moon with it, its great.

Today however wheni got a new vodafone subscription i put the sim into the fone and then got my gprs and email settings from vodafone.

I have tried to follow the directions for setting up a new connection but i keep getting a message telling me a connection with tht name already exists.. it will nt let me go any further.

the settings under the existing vodafone connection were different to the ones i got sent by vodafone so i deleted the existing settings.. but still it tells me that there is a connection with that name and will not allow me to set up a connection, this is getting crazy, i then deleted every existing connection i can find and it still tells me that there is a connection with that name existing and will not let me go any further... HELP Me please please help me i am a desperate man.

Please help