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    I hope not because i just send it back to them. Not soon after updating to WM6 my touchscreen stopped working. There are many threads about the 750's touchscreen malfunctioning and all the symptoms described there match mine regardless of the WM version, so i don't see a reason that Palm may refuse to fix it.. But i fear they may not.

    Who knows something more about Palm warranty and WM6?
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    I would say that if you installed the official WM6 upgrade, and not a cooked one - you're fine.
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    Great, then i can stop worrying.

    This is the second time i have to send the 750 back for repairs, when it returns this time i'm selling it. I don't want to take a chance and have it break outside the warranty in a few months.
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    I called Att just before updating mine to ask that very question, and they said that updating with the Official Rom available from Palm, wouldn't void my warranty.
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