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    Hi guys, I reecently got a treo 750 and then bought myself navigator 6 with a tomtom bluetooth reciever. I installed it all as per instructions and everything fine for a few days, then it just stopped working suddenly. I now get "no GPS device" I have tried every com port available, I have updated the tomtom software as per instructions from their support team. I was on WM 5, but Palm told me to upgrade to WM 6 and that should sort the problem, it didn't! I have carried out numerous reinstallations of the software after carrying out hard resets, all with no joy.Tomtom are now telling me that I need to select port 7 for the outgoing connection but this port is already in use by something and the 750 won't let me select it. Is there any way of putting whatever is on that port onto a different one so I can use it for the BT reciever? Or do any of you guys have any suggestions on how I can get tomtom software to pick up the reciever? The BT pairing is working fine BTW. This is driving me absolutely insane so if anyone has any suggestions apart from throwing the whole lot against the wall I would be really grateful
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    Do you have a BT headset or hands free kit connected at the same time? I've noticed with my Jabra BT5020 that if it's on my BT GPS receiver will not be detected by TomTom Nav6 on my 750v. Switch the headset off and it connects fine, then I can switch the headset back on and all's well. Never had any problems with WM5 or with my old Jabra headset
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    No other bluetooth devices connected at all TazUk, it's really strange as it was working fine for a few days and other people seem to ba able to use the same setup with no problems. If I can't get it to work I will have to try returning the tomtom and find something that I can get to work.
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    that's annoying dazdidge.

    i use TT6 with T750/WM6 and haven't had any major problems.

    never had to muck with port #s.

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    Gday Dazdidge, yes I had similair troubles. What Tomtom is saying basically correct, it needs the BT through COM7, but couldn't use it because something else was. From memory my problem was caused by the modem using COM7, so try uninstalling you modem and see if that frees up COM7.
    If you go to then downloads then download the BT pairing guide (pdf) for the Imate / Dell. This will step you through the pairing, I have a Treo 750 and a Holux BT GPS and although this guide isn't for my setup it was quite relevant.
    Good Luck
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    A couple thoughts:
    1. Try unclicking the Manage GPS Automatically box (GPS Settings in Access tab). That has helped my unit connect with the GPS Receiver. Downside is only one GPS device can use the Receiver at a time (not an issue to me).
    2. You might free up the com port by going to Settings - External GPS - Program tab and moving the port off com 7, them go to the BT Settings (Settings - Connections - BT - Com Ports) and pick com port 7, then go back to the External GPS and set it back to com port 7. I've had to do that to be able to get the BT pairing, External GPS and TomTom all on the same port.

    One other thing -- I have TomTom working on com port 8. I've previously used com port 0 and 4. I don't think you have to use 7. I use port 8 because it is one of only two (the other being port 4) that is selectable by all three of the programs I have that use GPS.

    And a last thought. You are turning BT on, right? I know it sounds stupid but I frequently forget to and remember when oner of GPS programs I have can't connect. Note, my TomTom program automatically turns BT on so I doubt that's a problem but ...
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    Just had one more thought -- you have created an outgoing com port for the GPS Receiver (Settings - Connections - Bluetooth - com ports) and selected com port 7 for GPS Receiver, right? If not you have to have that in place for TomTom to see the Receiver.
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    thanks for the help guys, will give it yet another go later today. Will let you know how I get on.

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    First of all, thanks again for the suggestions above. Unfortunately I still canot get them to work together, againg the BT is pairing but the TomTom software just isn't seeing the BT device!!! I have admitted defeat and ordered a stand alone package, not ideal for my needs but I think it's the way I have to go. Fortunately I can pass the Tomtom software onto someone else in my company so it wont go to waste, I just have to wait on them giving me a new device code now.

    Thanks again for your help


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