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    I just found this program that does visual voicemail and thought it was pretty interesting... if anybody wants to check it out they can go to this website. I'm testing right now and will post my results.
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    well this is what it comes down to. I would assume it is a good program except SPRINT stinks and will charge $.20/min for call forwarding. You need to download .NETCF for this program to work, and because the treo has no call forwarding options built into the phone you need to turn on call forwarding by dialing *74 plus the 10 digit phone number given to you by phone fusion (according to sprint cc). if anybody else wants to try feel free, I think it would be a great program.
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    I tried it out, I had my Treo's voice messages forwarded to this one. It comes up and it plays the message through media Player.Not a bad app, but it is a pain to dial the 10 digits and then have to remember to call back to stop the call forwarding.

    So,I put the 10 digits into my speed dial, no problem, I also put the 2 digit "kill" function as a nother number under the same name so it is pretty easy to toggle on and off. I went to thecompany website, read over a PDF manual and I must say, it offers a robust line of services for free. Will I use it alot, who knows, but I can forward all my office calls to my cell phone as I am quite often on the road. I like that I don't need to punch in my pin number, I just tap the message and it opens up.

    All in all, not a bad app so far. it does whatit says, it shows all your calls and you can pick and choose which top listen to.
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    one major issue for me maybe its just me but my treo doesnt like this program when its not running i dont get my vmails when it is running my treo wont multi-task ne more i cant surf the web and send texts without a mayor lag time so i just uninstalled it
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