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    I just downloaded Warden Security (demo version) for my 750 and I'm experiencing a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG lag when trying to unlock my phone using the password. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it b/c I have the demo version?

    I'm not exagerating when I say it takes me about 3 - 5 minutes to input my password to unlock the phone!

    I managed to wipe out all of my data on my 750 b/c of this!!!! The error message I received was "the data was killed b/c the phone was not unlocked for a period of time." Well if it didn't take me over 5 minutes to unlock it b/c of it lagging so bad maybe I would still have my frickin' data!!!! It also told me "the data was erased b/c of too many attempts to unlock it." It took me several times and I remember selecting this option if 20 attempts were exceeded. I did not make even 5 attempts! So what the heck Warden???!!!

    The support for this program is pathetic. They offer a phone # that you can call that costs $20 per call! and they also have chat but apparently no one was available so I'm having to communicate through email. I have a lot to say to them! Even if someone did find my phone by accident and wanted to do the right think and return it, they wouldn't have a clue b/c when you tap on the screen for options, it just sits there (thinking that nothing happened) you would tap another option, nothing happens b/c of the lag time so a person would simply toss the phone aside thinking it's frozen! I love the concept of this program but it definitely lacks support! How the heck can you manage to erase all your data on a demo version?
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    I just now got off the phone with an employee from Corsoft Solutions (makers of Warden Security) and after explaining that I lost all of my data on my 750, he was very apologetic. I told him I just finished doing a hard-reset and he asked me if I would mind re-installing Warden again to see if I can duplicate the problem. I agreed and the same thing happened. There is a very bad lag time when inputting the password (this is after installing the program and then starting it or unlocking it) and once you unlock it using the password, the same error came up and deleted all the data again, fortunately there was nothing installed other than the regular programs from the hard reset. The person I spoke to (Chirag - pronounced Sha-rahg) said he feels it might be a problem with the upgrade of WM5 to WM6. His 750 has WM5 but I told him my 750 originally came with WM5 and I was offered a free upgrade of WM6 from Palm. He said they are going to work on this tonight and get back to me so I will keep everyone posted but it sounds like it is a really good program, they just need to get all the bugs worked out.
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    For what it's worth, when I got my Treo 750 (AT&T with WM6 pre-installed) one of the first programs I installed was Warden. I have had no problems - and I'm not sure I know what to suggest...
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