I have a question for anybody out there using exchange PIN/password policies.

We would like (i.e. security said so) to set 8 digit PINs for our mobile devices. When you go to setup the PIN you can only type numbers in the PIN and confirm fields, which is great. However, when you go to unlock the device, you have to hold (or doubletap) the numlock key to reenter the password. Not hitting the numlock key allows you to enter letters, which is not good.

This works great on the WM6 devices I have tested. It can be set to 8 digit PIN, and when you enter it to unlock, it knows it's a PIN and the numlock auto kicks in.

Also, if we were to set it to just 4 digit PIN on the Treo, it shows a little number pad on the screen and the keyboard does in fact, auto numlock.

So, does anybody have any expierence with this particular issue? It would be utter chaos to expect them to hold down the numlock key. (Right now we are using a security package that basically sucks and we are getting rid of it, but it at least allowed for simple text password, where stupid exchange seems to just allow PIN or what I like to call, mega ultra complex password.)

Thanks for your time.