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    treo 700wx on verizon.

    its not a GSM, but is there any possible way to use a wifi card to make a call or something. dont wanna use it much, just if i need to. the marina im gonna be staying in has wifi if i remember correctly. just wondering what i can do if anything...

    i guess wifi will work for internet.

    help ?
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    just called and found out they have CDMA service on grand bahama island where im going. and international calling is $1.29/minute as long as i call them now and tell them to allow it on my phone. no real need to get it taken off she said as there isnt any monthly charges.

    and she also told me since im paying 149/mo for 2000 minutes and unlimited everything else i can now upgrade to unlimited EVERYTHING including calls. so obviously i did it. its a new plan avail as of feb.

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