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    i would definitely upgrade if it looked like this! hopfully they offer other colors as well though
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    it looks very blackberryish
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    If the 800w is as slim as Curve, this will be the best WM mobile at the moment. For the look, I am sure it looks a lot better in the final product, like the Centro's leaked picture compare to actual Centro.
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    We will all know soon enough exactly what the 800 looks like. all in time all in time
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    does it look better than that then twaddle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by twaddle View Post
    No, that's not it
    I am going to go with that was a VERY rough mock-up. Which makes sense... I am also going to say Twaddle is probably tickled with his new toy.
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    Can you post a pic or drawing
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    Looks like all of someone's posts got deleted. Hmmm...either someone was lying, someone violated an NDA and got caught, or someone got scared they were violating and NDA and that they might be caught and they ran.

    Too bad.

    But you have to know there are people out there who sit on threads like this and spout misinformation just because they think it's funny. Be warned.

    Paraphrasing one of the greatest TV shows ever written:

    Dave: "Bill? tells you lies."
    Mathew: "No..."
    Dave: "Bill tells you lies because he thinks it's funny."
    Mathew: "I don't think so...well...ok, maybe it's a little funny."
    Dave: "Uh huh."
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    very interesting about twaddler....... damn, I was hoping to get some info.

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