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    Is 800w HTC based? Also what about 800p?

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    Is 800w HTC based? Also what about 800p?

    All of Palm's major releases i.e. 800w are designed in-house by Palm (one exception so far was the Treo 500v, which was joint venture with Asus).

    Who assembles the devices (OEM) varies between HTC, Inventec and Chi mei.

    Which one of those is making the 800w is not known at this time--I'm leaning towards Inventec myself.

    There is no 800p in the works as far as we know--Palm's next device will be based on "Nova" and released in early 2009.

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    Just curious why Palm do not make a WM version of Centro?
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    I think its because they've marketed the Centro as a beginner consumer smartphone which is really untrue since it sort of continued an evolution of the treo p series. The Treo 800W will be marketed as their more advanced business smart phone.
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    I am sure the Centro is the low-end Palm OS device and the high end will be coming in 2009. My point is Treo 800w is a high-end Wm device, why Palm introduce an low-end WM Centro to fill the gap.
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    They did with the 500v but they never released it state-side.
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    There would be little difference between a WM Centro and the current generation of WM Treos. Other than 320x320 screen, I suppose. The Centro might be a little cheaper and thinner. But I'm guessing a WM Centro wouldn't be as inexpensive as a Palm OS Centro, because Palm would have to pay license fees for WM6 Pro. I'm assuming WM6 Pro would cost more than Palm OS; for one thing, WM has been upgraded in the last 10 years. LOL

    They could shave the price down with WM6 Standard, but that involves a product redesign - no touchscreen, etc. and why spend the time working on that when they can't even get their flagship 800w released.

    They could switch tactics and try to compete with Motorola, but the Q9 series has been out for awhile and is already 2nd generation. Palm could still compete in a meaningful way with the high end players if the 800w gets it right. Margins are probably higher on a Treo vs. an entry-level Centro.
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    They can differentiate the products by using hardware instead of software. For example, for high-end hardware, it comes with high mega pixel camera, WiFi & GPS.

    I do believe the low-end WM Centro can take the advantage of the success of Palm OS Centro. I know a lot of users who bought Centro do not care about the OS. I also know a lot of users who do not buy Centro is because it is not WM. (People in Europe and Asia are more familiar with WM than Palm OS.)

    I fully agree with you Palm should focus on their flagship 800w. I only hope they can launch the low-end model also. So in future, Palm has a complete range of device, that is high-end & low-end WM and Palm OS devices for corporate and consumer users.
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    Hopefully the new windows version will not be as power intensive as the older version. Battery life is good in the palm versions but I wouldn't want to give that up just to get an 800. One more reason to go iphone.

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