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    everytime I try an exe. file it says its not a ppc app. help please?
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    OK...two things:

    1- with the EXE files....are you trying to run them on your PPC? If so, that is the problem. CAB files install on the PPC, but EXE files install on your PC, and then when you use ActiveSync, it will install onto the PPC.

    2- Here is a site for a free Tetris called Kevtris. You can download an EXE or a CAB (personally I prefer CAB files, easier to use, no ActiveSync dependancy, and you can keep it on a memory card in case of an 'emergency' hard reset or just to share with a friend!!!!

    Enjoy!!! (any problems, just shout out, and I will see if I can answer ya!!!
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    yeahh. I'm getting frustrated because even w the cab. file there is a pop up that says its not a ppc application. grrr! >=/
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    What are you doing to install it? A cab file should do the trick. What other apps do you have installed?
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    You can download it here at TC, or at least I did a few weeks ago. Go to Software>Free. It's part of free download called Game Pack 3???

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