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    I wanted to hook up my phone, Treo 700w, and my wife's phone, Treo 700wx, to our comcast email accounts. So I set out to hook them up just as I would my computers. Problem is, when you input the standard configuration you end up with this crazy long connection time before your email will download. My phone wants to cut off before the connection has had time to finish and thus you have to keep clicking buttons to keep the phone awake, and you end up running your battery down. Rediculous! Then I started hunting around the internet for a solution and I fumbled my way through several hard to follow instructions to determine how to actually make this happen. So after much trial and error and performing this sequence at least a couple of dozen times I decided to spread my findings with the masses. Instructions on how to avoid the extremely long log-on time when connecting to Comcast mail via your WM5 or WM6 (instructions may vary for WM6 users) mobile device are as follows:

    1. Select a New Email Account:

    2. Email Setup (1/5)

    Enter e-mail address: <hopefully you know this>


    3. Email Setup (2/5) Auto configuration


    4. Email Setup (3/5) User Information

    Your Name: <again, hopefully you know this>

    User Name: <your user name, typically your email address minus the "">

    Password: <whatever your password is>

    Save Password box CHECKED


    5. Email Setup (4/5) Account Information

    Account Type: POP3

    Name: <whatever you want to call this account>


    6. Email Setup (5/5) Server Information

    Incoming Mail:

    Outgoing Mail:

    Domain: <blank>

    Select Options

    7. Options (1/3)

    <choose if you would like your phone to automatically connect and check for messages>

    <input how often you would like your phone to check for messages>

    Connection: The Internet


    8. Options (2/3)

    Only display messages from the last <however many you choose> days

    Require SSL connection NOT CHECKED

    Outgoing mail requires authentication CHECKED

    Use separate settings CHECKED

    Select Outgoing Settings

    9. Outgoing Server Settings

    User name: <your user name, typically your email address minus the "">

    Password: <whatever your password is>

    Domain: <blank>

    Save Password box is CHECKED

    Require SSL for outgoing mail NOT CHECKED

    Select OK


    10. Options (3/3)

    <choose whether you want to get just the message header or the entire message>

    <if you chose to just get the headers> Include CHECKED with how many kb's of the message body you want to receive.


    The following steps will require a registry editor. If you do not have one, I highly recommend getting PHM Registry Editor. It's free and simple to install. You should be able to find instructions on how to download it and install it here:

    If for some reason the above link is broken, the file you want to find is: regedit.Mrln_ARM.CAB

    You can import the .CAB file to your device and install it from there by simply clicking on the .CAB file.

    11. Backup your WM Registry before continuing any further... if you do not backup you are putting yourself at risk of losing all of your data on your phone. The registry editor I mention above has a simple backup tool to safely store your registry before you make any edits.

    12. In the registry navigate to:

    - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (or sometimes referred to as HKLM)
    - Software
    - Microsoft
    - Inbox

    13. Add a new DWORD value:

    Value Name: ForceOffSSL

    Value Data: 1

    Base: Decimal

    Value Type: REG_DWORD (this should already be filled in)

    14. Close all applications and perform a soft reset of your phone.

    15. Enjoy the blazing fast connection to Comcast email.

    If you have questions you can reach me at (you think I'm going to put my comcast email on here?! no way!)
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    I've been trying to figure out how to get outgoing mail out since I got this phone over a year ago. Nobody has been able to figure it out, and FINALLY I find this post! Thanks for this post and not making us jump through the same hoops you had to.

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