Read this on another forum. Tried it on my 700wx and it works great!

QoreFunctions, makers of the popular PushEffect application, is pleased to announce the release of InboxTones for WM 5/6 PocketPC/Professional:

Custom Email & SMS/Text Ringtone Notifications for your WM 5/6 Phone!

Ringtone manager for Email/SMS Messages
No restrictions, overrides WM single sound file limit!
Use MP3, WAV, MIDI sound files
Different sound for each Email account
Different sound for each Email or SMS Sender
Vibration for accounts & Senders in SP version
For POP3, IMAP, Outlook, DirectPush, SMS accounts
Assign Email & SMS ringtones to built in Contacts
Selectable play duration for assigned sound
Perfect for multiple personal & business accounts
Know when Boss, Friend, Spouse, Email/Text You!
Auto silences sound based on Vib / Silent / Mtg profile
Super easy to use!
Windows Mobile 5/6 SmartPhone or PocketPC
Windows Mobile 6 Standard or Professional
Introductory price only $12.95 until April 15th

FREE 7 day trial available! For more info visit