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    Will Palm release a WM 6.1 update for the Treo 750?
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    I dont think so, it took them almost a year to relase 6.0 why would they release another one a few months after.
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    When WM6.1 was announced, there was a list of devices by carrier that would be updated. The Treo 750 was not on the list, though I was intrigued to see for Sprint a "Future Palm Treo".

    If I had to guess, I'd say that the 750 will not get an official 6.1 upgrade from AT&T.

    It would not be "a few months" - more like a year. WM6.1 won't be available at all until the fall, and an upgrade probably not for months after that.
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    There will be no further OS upgrades for the ATT 750. There are hacks available to get to WM6.1, but I don't recommend it.
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    Hopefully it'll be on the 800w. And hopefully the 800w will come to us GSM/UMTS folks (like on AT&T.)

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