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    Hello all,

    I have a 700wx and overall I enjoy the interface to the contacts/dialer today screen application, except for two things.

    1. I frequently add contacts that I rarely speak to. I am relatively bad at remembering names of people who I don't have frequent contact with. Almost always I will remember enough distinct information to pull them up... but only if the dialer would search more fields of the contacts. perhaps searching the notes field to let me set things like SoNSo's brother, Mechanics wife, etc.

    2. adding a contact is a pita... on ANY other phone, you can dial a number, click add contact, then add name. If I ever add somones number while the person is there, they expect this to be true, and immediately start rattling off the phone number. I have to tell them, hold on repeatedly while i procede to click through contacts, add, type their name, scroll down to mobile, and THEN they can finally tell me their number.

    I know there are 3rd party contact applications, such as pocket informant, but I do not know if they come with a dialer app like what is found on the treo (or is even available)

    I would prefer something that also allows me to type the number (even better if it automatically determines the number/alpha based on results, as the current one does. Basicly, I want the exact program that palm ships, but one that searches a number of fields, instead of just the "name" and "company" that palm does.
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    one why do you have your mechanicas wife's #?

    2) yea just dial the number end the call by default the phone will tell you to add this number.
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    My teacher used to say "90% of making money in computer networks is networking, the other 10% is actually doing work."

    I have my mechanics wife's number, cause I own my own business, and I'm a networker. I meet and greet business aquantances, do their computers, their wives' computers, their wives' friends' computers. Some times I remember the person vividly by how I met them; but I'm still bad with names. My "mechanic's wife's, best friends, sister-in law's , uncle's neighbor." ... ya I do that one too.

    As far as calling and hanging up... it takes a couple seconds for the dialer to get to "active" in a low signal area, and it won't hang up until it is active, then it takes a second or two to hang up. This can work, but its a pain, and I'd rather have something more direct.

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