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    I've made the jump from Palm OS to WM. I was back and forth but now have gone a good month without picking up my 680 and can't imagine going back to Garnet. It's been fun finding WM equivalents to the many daily programs I used on POS. For the most part there's something out there that does what I want it to - not always as elegantly, but usually with more options and more power.

    I'm stuck on an audio player, though. I haven't found anything that is nearly as good as Pocket Tunes. A critical feature I need in my audio player is bookmarking. That seems to be missing form Media Player and TCPMP/Core Player. I've been using Pocket Music but I don't like it.

    What other options are out there for music players that bookmark?
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    Pocket player does but it's really slow on the 750. Can't remember if MortPlayer supports it but it might
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