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    Hi everybody!

    First of all, I would like to congrats all the members of thsi forum because definetely is one of the bests from mobile world.

    Going to my problem, I JUST CAN`T REMOVE THE "****IIINGG WINDOWL LIVE MESSENER" it alredy`s deleted all my msn contacts, every time i connects it syncs alll the msn contacts tothe phone is just disgusting and the only thing i want is see my treo 750 free of it, but when i go to settings>>remove programs it just isnt there to be removed. I dont wanna do a hard reset on my device but im not finding any other solution for it...

    Thanks everybody!

    Hope someone have a solution!
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    I know what you mean. If you're not a big "live" user, it's a total pain. They should have provided a stripped down simple IM client for MSN as well instead.

    Have you tried deleting the email account? Also, go into live and uncheck the box to remember your password so it can't automatically sign on.

    To delete an email account, go into Email>Options>Accounts_tab and in the box at the top, hold down your stylus on the account to get a pop up menu with delete options.
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    I recently tried windows live because I wanted to be able to download attachments from emails. It didn't work as I had planned, and I was able to completely remove windows live, no problem. Yes, you want to delete the email account. I did it first, but have no idea if that helped. you might try and re-install, and then remove the email account, and then un-install...

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