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    Hello, I have a unlocked treo 750 with Att. I have the ROM 2.225 Att. I tried to do the WM rom update throught the desktop, it told me I couldnt do it at all, so I did it throught the SD method and it worked well, but when I look at the Software version its says TREO 2.25-ATT and Firmware How come now it doesnt change to 2.227 ROW or REW. I know I for sure it updated because I know longer have non of that att junk in my phone. can any one please help me or guid on the right as to see on my phone go from 2.25 to 2.27

    Thanks, Carlos
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    Bro, any update via SD Card will not change the revision number.

    Check out a this read here.
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    I tried doing it through the desktop, but it didnt let me. Any one know why?
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    I did that and I couldnt find where it is extracted in the temp folder
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    Do a file search for "payloads.xml". Make sure you go into advanced search options and enable it to search hidden files and folders.
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    I found where the files where extracted, all I find is a folder called Palm, and the other results, the palm one is the recover, and the results one has the descktop program.
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    That's because it gets deleted as soon as you shut down the installer.
    (It's a 'Temp' folder)
    Start the upgrade, and everything will appear in that Temp folder.

    Follow the instructions in that post I linked.
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    There we go!! Thanks alot

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