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    Hey folks, I have been successfully using my Spectec wifi card in my 750 to surf the web on my home wifi network and have also successfully used Skype for Mobile on my 750 on AT&T'S HSDPA network. We will be going to Europe this summer and in order to avoid high data charges, I was hoping to be able to Skype over wifi on my 750. I tried it this afternoon and it didn't work; didn't really connect very well and LOTS of latency when it almost did.

    Anyone else get this to work and if so, how?
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    Anyone using a Spectec card with their 750?
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    I just tried this one. I can connect but the person that I call cannot hear or partially hear some of my words. I checked out the forums in Skype, other users of Windows Mobile on other devices reports similar complaint.
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    Try fring. It supports Skype and other IMs. I tried Skype too and couldn't get it to work. But with fring at least, I can place calls and they can hear me. Best thing is that I can use it with Wi-Fi instead of paying for data on my cell.
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    Fring is pretty cool. I was looking for a WM equivalent of the Palm version of IM+ for Skype.

    I have not used it for calling but the chat IM looks like it can be my WM replacement for my Palm Mundu IM app. Not a lot like Mundu but this would work for me.

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