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    like an azz, i deleted it and need it. is there an easy way for me to restore it or undelete it ?

    i doubt it but am hoping.

    i do have SPB backup but did a ton of work today and dont wanna screw it up and i never had to use SPB before so im not sure.
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    I believe it will allow the restore of individual files. However, one idea - make a full backup now. Try to restore the old file. If you mess anything up, just do a hard-reset then restore the full you just made...
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    Did you sync with eWallet on your Windows PC? If so your eWallet files should be on your computer. Also if you deleted just the eWallet program from your WM phone the eWallet files may still be available.
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    hmm, no i didnt sync it since. i guess i should go look on the laptop first. good idea. thanx

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