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    As I sit here and read all these request and trouble everyone is having with their phones, and then read all the replies, I come to realize how fustrating it is that we are locked into agreements with our Wireless Provider's for a lengthy time, unable to upgrade our phones. For example, I would like to upgrade my 700wx running wm5.0 to wm6.0, and after posting it here, I did some more research and found that wm6.0 for the Treo 700wx will not be out any time soon nor does it look like it ever will be, so in order for me to enjoy the latest operating system on my phone I have to wait for 2 years when I am eligible for an upgrade. How lame is this? I don't know whay they can't have it that you a locked in for two years and are allowed to upgrade your phone any time you want, it's our money. Just adding my two cents to these agreement plan's that these wireless company's have.
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    Um, are you not reading through the contract correctly? You can upgrade your phone any time you want - if you pay full price. They are giving you a discount to sign up for a length of time. They should certainly not be required to sell you devices at low or no profit just to make you happy. You can buy any phone (compatible with your provider of course) from any place and activate it at any time for free (well, vzw is free, don't use sprint, but I don't think there is a fee).

    So if you want a new phone/pda get one.
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    Yeah, what hufn said.

    They're not gonna basically give us a new phone every couple of months or so...
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    Hufn, thank you so much for that information. I knew about the discount, but I didn't know about buying a phone outside of Verizon as long as it's a phone that they recognize. This forum offers the best information, and I go to no other forum except here. Thanks again everyone.


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