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    I sent a text message or two with misspelled words and now my treo (EDIT: windows mobile 5) always suggest the wrong spellings (for example, "donLt"). Is there a way to reset these auto suggestions without doing a hard reset of the phone? It is just annoying.

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    Thanks for the link - I was hoping to find a free solution (just delete some temp config file or something) but if I can't find anything I might be forced to try something else depending how annoying it becomes!
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    I use this. Dictmgr. I love it. I can clean out mis-spelled words and add my own frequently used words.
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    had this problem myself - tried out that DictMgr, not a bad little program...definitely does the job, and has a few extra bells and whistles too.

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    Thanks - looks like a great program. I'll give that a try!

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